Veloscenic the great show route

Connect by bike Notre-Dame de Paris to the Mont Saint-Michel.

With the Veloscenic bicycle route discover the history of France, illustrated by its most beautiful monuments, five sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
Between developed trails, greenways, small marked roads and forest roads, the Veloscenie takes you to the heart of the Chevreuse Valley, the Perche and the Normandy grove.

Experience an extraordinary travel, between slow life, culture, nature, gastronomy and sporting activity is a discovery of France from a new angle that is offered to you, the time of a week (or less) browse the roads and marked trails of Veloscenie.

65Km from Paris on the road to Chartres La Grande de la Guesle, is an ideal step on the Veloscenie .
The place is bucolic and you can enjoy the garden and Japanese sauna to relax.
It is also a good step for a table of hosts with a growing reputation.
To a day cycling from Paris on the course of the Veloscenie do not miss to visit during your stay:

  • From Paris the north route leads you to the Palace of Versailles , do not miss it its gardens and fountains.

  • You will then pass through the Chevreuse Valley, multiple sites referenced on are also worth the detour.

  • 12 km after Rambouillet La Grange de la Guesle welcomes you for a well-deserved stop, you will have reserved your evening diner and the Japanese sauna that we offer you free of charge (on reservation) will lull your body aches.
  • The next day a stop is needed at the castle of Maintenon .
  • You will end your day at the foot of the Chartres Cathedral , in season Chartres en lumière will amaze you.

    You will be able to join the Mont Saint Michel in 6 days with steps of reasonable size (70Km), allowing you to enjoy the landscapes and the many cultural visits on the course.
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